About Maven Minds

Maven Minds is the podcast for leaders, entrepreneurs and innovators navigating uncharted territory in modern business.

The interview-style show takes you inside the minds of experts at every stage of business. Rapid pivots and long-term learnings. Ends, middles and beginnings. Go-all-ins and get-outs. Startups and start-overs. Fast fails and soaring successes. Quick wins and long hauls. We embrace the lessons of the entire journey, not just the successful ending – passing inspiration and insight to the next generation of innovators. 

Hosted by Laura Crossley

World traveler and whiteboard addict, Laura Crossley, is a leader in innovation and strategic design. With 20 years of experience spanning creative, front-end dev, UX, marketing, product, strategy and consulting – she brings a unique, holistic perspective to the table for businesses in critical stages of growth. Her work has been leveraged by brands worldwide including Lucas Film, Sesame Workshop, The Simpsons, The Javits Center, O2 Arena, Garmin International, Paramount+, American Heart Association, Hallmark, Helzberg Diamonds, Lee Jeans, AdPredictive and Kendra Scott.

In 2017, Laura completed a trek through the Himalayas to arrive at Everest Base Camp. Along the journey, she heard many stories of the first explorers to summit Mount Everest. The earliest attempts failed. But, after 31 years and many additional failed expeditions, Hillary and Norgay finally succeeded. Subsequent successes at Everest were achieved at a staggering rate. First, years later. Then, months…weeks…days. While challenges in the journey remain – even today – explorers take on the adventure with a wealth of knowledge from those that came before them. Inspired by the tales of the paths they blazed – Maven Minds aims to share stories that can help leaders, entrepreneurs and innovators to climb their own mountains and move forward exponentially faster with greater rates of success.

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