‘From Concept to Completion’ Interview on The Mom Shuffle

This week, I had the absolute pleasure of joining Dr. Colleen Kendrick on her show, The Mom Shuffle. Hear our chat on Season 2 Episode 27: From Concept to Completion with Laura Crossley.

This season, The Mom Shuffle is “traveling” the US – talking with moms in business across the nation. I was thrilled to represent Kansas in our discussion (which, funnily enough, happened while I was on family vacation in Florida…work-life alignment, you know?).

Hear Colleen and I dive into:

  • My background bridging the technical and strategic sides of business communication
  • The journey to Everest Base Camp and how it inspired Maven Minds
  • My journey from the corporate world to consulting and contracting, then into the startup world with AdPredictive
  • Finding the “right fit” in your career journey
  • Maven’s goal to open communication between teams, businesses and professionals

Don’t miss the full interview on The Mom Shuffle – available on all your favorite listening platforms!

Banner photo by Karolina Grabowska: https://www.pexels.com/photo/person-holding-a-phone-8947145/