S1 E10: Rob Ellerman Talks Team Retention, Consumer Education and Client Relationships in Real Estate

Rob Ellerman of The Rob Ellerman Team has the #1 real estate group in both Missouri and Kansas with over $3.5 billion in career sales, over 12,000 homes sold, and 26 years of consecutive growth. 

Behind the years of success has been a lot of hard work, dedication, and trust for his team. Caring for and providing the best possible support for the agents has been a main focus for the Ellerman Team since its inception. Although the upward momentum hasn’t come without its own set of challenges. In an industry that’s easily accessible, they are constantly challenged to compete with a massive lack of consumer education, making it a critical mission to build strong client relationships and to educate them on finding the right support for such large investments. 

With everything that I do, I really try to make sure that the agents are thought of first and foremost. What can I do to help them? What can I do to help their clients?

Rob Ellerman

In this episode, Rob discusses:

  • Focusing on retention and ensuring that his team is set up for success 
  • The importance of consumer education and qualifying your support
  • Continuously improving your skill set and staying open-minded to new opportunities 


Key themes

  • Employee Retention
  • Consumer Education
  • Training
  • Client Relationships

Thought starters: How can I apply this thinking to my business?

  • How are you helping retention in your own business?
    Does your business acknowledge the individuals within your organization as individuals? Does it cater to them or are you structuring for the masses? Does a blanket approach apply to those who don’t get the same value from what is being offered? 
  • Are you taking a diversified approach in your business?
    Are you siloed into approaches that are really inside a clear path and funnel? What about when it comes to innovation and new opportunities or ways to evolve with that the market is demanding? Are you exploring new avenues in facets of your business that allow you to continue growth or to capitalize on new opportunities when they arise?
  • What are you doing to be the expert in your industry?
    Are you seeking out new information to continuously build upon your skills? Are you adding to that institutional knowledge or adding to a skill set that’s already valuable? How does that differentiate you? Do you talk about that often? Are you using that in your marketing? Does it give you an edge? Is it something completely unheard of in the space that you’re in? 


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Episode details

Guest: Rob Ellerman, The Rob Ellerman Team at ReeceNichols
Host: Laura Crossley, Maven Minds
Producer: Cassidy Hallesy, Episode Ready

Runtime: 37:38
Release date: November 29, 2022

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