S1 E7: Garmin Elevating Brand Affinity with Authentic Storytelling Through Their Women of Adventure Campaign

Rebecca Sommers

To stand out among competitors you have to create a memorable brand which is exactly what Garmin International is doing through their Women of Adventure campaign. Associate Creative Director Rebecca Sommers shares some insight on the mission behind this incredible campaign and why they feel so passionately about the stories their sharing. Through this campaign, Garmin has focused on sharing and celebrating the amazing athletic adventures and unbelievable feats that women are experiencing, to motivate and inspire others to do the same.

It’s not really about our product. They’re using our product, but it’s not our story, it’s yours.

Rebecca Sommers, Garmin International

In this episode, Rebecca discusses:

  • Creating meaningful connections with their audience through authentic storytelling
  • Key components that make an authentic story so captivating
  • The impactful life lessons behind these stories and the challenges they’ve faced to capture them
  • Embracing new creative opportunities with the development of a children’s book


Consider and discuss: How can I apply this thinking to my business?

  • What are you doing to tell authentic stories about your brand?
    What are those stories? Do they come from the customer? Do they come from work the brand is doing? How do they reflect your product or service? What kind of tone do they set? What does the customer receive from them? What do they feel? How are they impacted?
  • What are the creative opportunities ahead for your business?
    What are the unique situations in which you could find yourself creating a children’s book, going on a trip, or hosting an event? What is something out of the box that you haven’t tried that just might work?
  • What are the challenges that your business is facing?
    What are you doing to take the next step to overcome them? What’s the next small step you can take today that will get you close to overcoming that hurdle? 

Key themes

  • Authentic storytelling
  • Brand affinity
  • Customer connection
  • Overcoming adversity


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Episode details

Guest: Rebecca Sommers, Garmin International
Host: Laura Crossley, Maven Minds
Producer: Cassidy Hallesy, Episode Ready

Runtime: 30:00
Release date: September 13, 2022

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